Services Subheading


1. Restaurant Cleaning

2. Residential Cleaning

3. Fitness Cleaning

4. Office Cleaning

5. Carpet Cleaning

6. Upholstery Cleaning

7. Window Cleaning

8. Rain Gutter Cleaning and Custom Cleaning

9. Strip, Seal & Wax Hardwood Surface Flooring


• Baseboards

• Bathrooms

• Blinds

• Ceiling fans

• Spider web removal

• Spot clean Windows

• Closet shelves cleaned

• Cobwebs

• Door frames and ledges wiped

• Dusting

• Spot Glass door clean

• Vacuum all carpets

• Glass doors

• Kitchen

• Light switches, Outlet covers

• Mini-blinds

• Windows sills

• Wash all floors

Carpet Cleaning Services

We are fully equipped to perform the proper cleaning techniques to residential or commercial carpet. Our experienced technicians are trained to recommend the cleaning procedure which would work best depending on the condition of your carpet.


Specialized personal will prepare your carpet for maximum suds cleaning. The personal will also remove suds and other harmful elements that become embedded deep into your carpet which over time ruin your carpet's appearance and color.

Spot Removing

Specialized personal will remove persistent spots.

High Powered "Jet Extraction"

Our cleaning solution is put under high pressure & temperature, and are also sprayed into the carpet fibers, our powerful vacuum immediately extracts cleaning solution and your carpet is left fresh and clean with no "soap" residue to attract future soiling.

Final Finishing

Carpets fluffed and furniture is put back.